Friday, July 17, 2009

ravenclaw pride

tonight is the night. :) yes, i know. the movie came out on wednesday! but when your a working girl like myself, you have to take what you can get. one more hour and i'm out of here! this proud ravenclaw can't wait to see ron playing quidditch. i mean seriously.. hot doesn't even begin to describe it. i also of course can't wait to see the look on hermione's face when she finds out ron has got (a stupid, ugly, douchebag) girlfriend. i'm jealous too, though. it's okay, hermione. you get to marry the man and have his babies! lavender can shove a wand where the sun don't shine. ron is (mine) yours. anyways.. sorry. rambling.. speaking of rambling! you should all go and check out my best friend jenny's blogspot. it's called random ramblings. we both may ramble on like little school girls but it's damn interesting sometimes. she is one of the people going on the potter movie adventure with me! gawd! i can't wait! i'm all ravenclaw-ed out over here.. got my nails proffesionally done, i asked for blue and silver stripes on my nails! also, i have temporary blue streaks in blue ribbon tied pigtails, a blue shirt that (along with my friends) made with a ravenclaw symbol on my left boob area and my last name and quidditch number in silver on the back, a blue and silver scarf i made (with my grandmother's help) to look just like the students in the movie, a couple buttons i made reading "beater" and "i'm in love with a...gryffindor", and last but not least.. i have blue and silver eye make-up on that looks completely stellar if i do say so myself. jeez. i am way to excited for this. haha oh man!! billy idol's rebel yell just came on the radio! ahhh! how amazing is that? wow. okay, so i'm done now. auf wiedersen! <33


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