Sunday, August 31, 2008

red head, ginger kid, day walker..

you know, i've always wondered how i got my red hair. my mother is quite brunette, as well as my father. i have heard that it's because of my irish heritage. but i haven't seen a trace of red hair in anyone else in the family other than myself. my sister & brother were both bestowed dirty blonde from their father, and yet my sister insists on dying hers brown like my mothers. am i the only one happy about the hair color i was born with?? one day, i saw the episode of south park where cartman is talking about ginger kids, kids who are red haired, fair skinned, had freckles all over, and were apparently sickened by what he calls, gingervitus. i thought it was hilarious!! and then i only found it even more hilarious when he talked about another type of ginger kid called a daywalker, kids who have red hair & fair skin, but who are lucky enough not to have their body covered in freckles. from the day forward, i am PROUD to call myself... daywalker. : )

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