Saturday, July 18, 2009

lady gaga?

holy shit, you guys! there is this girl in the cafe right now that looks dead up like lady gaga! it's actually really strange. they both seem to share the same hair cut (except this girl's hair is black) and also the same hate for pants. this girl is seriously cute! i want to tell her but i have a feeling that she already knows. she looks way too much like her for me to be the only one who's noticed, ya know? crazy.. i wish i had a camera to take a picture of her! then i could line them both up and let everyone see just how much they look alike. wow. they could seriously be twins. no joke. okay. i'm done. ciao! <33

Friday, July 17, 2009

ravenclaw pride

tonight is the night. :) yes, i know. the movie came out on wednesday! but when your a working girl like myself, you have to take what you can get. one more hour and i'm out of here! this proud ravenclaw can't wait to see ron playing quidditch. i mean seriously.. hot doesn't even begin to describe it. i also of course can't wait to see the look on hermione's face when she finds out ron has got (a stupid, ugly, douchebag) girlfriend. i'm jealous too, though. it's okay, hermione. you get to marry the man and have his babies! lavender can shove a wand where the sun don't shine. ron is (mine) yours. anyways.. sorry. rambling.. speaking of rambling! you should all go and check out my best friend jenny's blogspot. it's called random ramblings. we both may ramble on like little school girls but it's damn interesting sometimes. she is one of the people going on the potter movie adventure with me! gawd! i can't wait! i'm all ravenclaw-ed out over here.. got my nails proffesionally done, i asked for blue and silver stripes on my nails! also, i have temporary blue streaks in blue ribbon tied pigtails, a blue shirt that (along with my friends) made with a ravenclaw symbol on my left boob area and my last name and quidditch number in silver on the back, a blue and silver scarf i made (with my grandmother's help) to look just like the students in the movie, a couple buttons i made reading "beater" and "i'm in love with a...gryffindor", and last but not least.. i have blue and silver eye make-up on that looks completely stellar if i do say so myself. jeez. i am way to excited for this. haha oh man!! billy idol's rebel yell just came on the radio! ahhh! how amazing is that? wow. okay, so i'm done now. auf wiedersen! <33

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

working hard, hardly working..

today.. work is really slow. you'd think having the only coffee shop for a couple miles would make you super popular, right? guess again. maybe everyone just decided to conform to going to starbucks. honestly. all i've done since i got here today a 3 o'clock is wash dishes and make a couple sandwiches. big deal. not only do i work at a coffee shop.. the shop is inside of a music store! pretty rad, huh? i think so. only issue with that is all the people that come in here that think they are the greatest players in the world, playing music that makes my ears ache! ugh! if you really think your such hot shit, go up against some of the guys that work here. yeah.. no horse will ever be high enough for you ever again. anyways.. i should be doing something around here that actually benefits the shop, instead of ranting away on here but there is nothing to be done. everything is clean, stocked, and neatly placed. i really shouldn't be complaining. one time we got a little kid in here that had an accident on the floor. and trust me.. pee would have been extremely welcome compared to the other gift he left behind.. lucky for me he didn't leave it in the coffee shop. it was pretty amusing watching the guys faces when they realized that one of them had to clean it up. hahaha! priceless.. too bad that kid isn't here now. he'd definitely liven this place up.

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