Monday, September 1, 2008

waiting.. for my smile.

jeffrey. gawd. that name makes feel all sorts of emotions. but the strongest & most prominent is definetly love. he is my reason for waking up happy, he is the sun in my sky, the mac to my cheese.. i remember this one time when he just kept looking at me & didn't even seem to be breathing. so i ask him, "what's the matter?" and he said, "nothing, my love. i'm just looking at the most beautiful girl in the world. your are a goddess. my goddess." oh, the joy if felt at those words! especially hearing those words coming out of the mouth of an absolute angel. with blue eyes that left me feeling so small, so insignificant. but not in a bad way. in a way that an ocean makes you feel when you look into it. and an ocean is exactly what those eyes make me see. so blue, yet deep & full of longing. how i love those eyes! they were the first thing i ever saw when i saw him. & i hope that deep down, that they will be the last. for i want to spend the rest of my life making those eyes squint with laughter, cry happy tears, & beam with overflowing emotion. behind those eyes, are the soul that matches mine.

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