Monday, September 1, 2008

waiting.. for my smile.

jeffrey. gawd. that name makes feel all sorts of emotions. but the strongest & most prominent is definetly love. he is my reason for waking up happy, he is the sun in my sky, the mac to my cheese.. i remember this one time when he just kept looking at me & didn't even seem to be breathing. so i ask him, "what's the matter?" and he said, "nothing, my love. i'm just looking at the most beautiful girl in the world. your are a goddess. my goddess." oh, the joy if felt at those words! especially hearing those words coming out of the mouth of an absolute angel. with blue eyes that left me feeling so small, so insignificant. but not in a bad way. in a way that an ocean makes you feel when you look into it. and an ocean is exactly what those eyes make me see. so blue, yet deep & full of longing. how i love those eyes! they were the first thing i ever saw when i saw him. & i hope that deep down, that they will be the last. for i want to spend the rest of my life making those eyes squint with laughter, cry happy tears, & beam with overflowing emotion. behind those eyes, are the soul that matches mine.


aivilo relluf said...

:) you're entirely welcome
you seem pretty sweet yourself, and i'm glad you enjoy my writing :D. when i first got blogger, i didn't think anyone would read a word i said, besides myself, haha.

i love what you did with the top of your site, the picture matches the words well :). and it's cool you have family in new york, city or upstate? i live up north :p.

thankyouu, i don't think he'll be home in time for it, but we'll make up for it on the weekend. wow, a year? that's wonderful :)! love is seriously like the best thing in the world. i'm glad you were lucky enough to find it too. your entry about him is so sweet, one of the best descriptions i've ever heard about being in love. you two look absoulutely adorable together :).

i'll be keeping up with your blog too, it's an interesting read, espeically since we have so much in common. all of your hateable things are right at the top of my list too :p, small minded people i believe are the worst. it drives me completely insane when someone refuses to see things in a new way, and believes everyone who thinks differently than them is wrong.

♥ olive

ps. your name is really unique :D, i've never met anyone named heaven before, i like it.

Daphne Le Lyra said...

intresting blog u hv n an awesome bf there..jst hoping u both enjoying ur time...check out my blog too..kip update wit ya!

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