Wednesday, July 15, 2009

working hard, hardly working..

today.. work is really slow. you'd think having the only coffee shop for a couple miles would make you super popular, right? guess again. maybe everyone just decided to conform to going to starbucks. honestly. all i've done since i got here today a 3 o'clock is wash dishes and make a couple sandwiches. big deal. not only do i work at a coffee shop.. the shop is inside of a music store! pretty rad, huh? i think so. only issue with that is all the people that come in here that think they are the greatest players in the world, playing music that makes my ears ache! ugh! if you really think your such hot shit, go up against some of the guys that work here. yeah.. no horse will ever be high enough for you ever again. anyways.. i should be doing something around here that actually benefits the shop, instead of ranting away on here but there is nothing to be done. everything is clean, stocked, and neatly placed. i really shouldn't be complaining. one time we got a little kid in here that had an accident on the floor. and trust me.. pee would have been extremely welcome compared to the other gift he left behind.. lucky for me he didn't leave it in the coffee shop. it was pretty amusing watching the guys faces when they realized that one of them had to clean it up. hahaha! priceless.. too bad that kid isn't here now. he'd definitely liven this place up.


chili said...

Beautiful blog you have:) What is your favorite cookie?

little miss ginger. said...

thank you! it's not much.. but i like it. my favorite cookie would have to chocolate chip. classic. :)
what about you?

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